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Preserve Your Magical Moment for a Lifetime

A wedding dress isn’t just a piece of clothing, it’s a symbol of one of life’s most important rites of passage. Families invest in gorgeous, unique wedding gowns because they capture a once in a lifetime moment in their lives. Just as you didn’t settle for anything but the finest when choosing a dress, you shouldn’t accept anything but the most professional preservation service for this important heirloom. Timely, thorough cleaning and preservation is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your dress; at Magic Cleaners we’re proud to provide the highest standard of quality and care in the bridal industry.

Our Process

After your special day, the last thing you should have to worry about is the laundry. Let us take care of revitalizing, refreshing, and preserving your dress from start to finish. We make it easy.

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Meet with one of our gown specialists to determine the perfect care.

We meticulously clean, refurbish, fold and preserve your dress.

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After our meticulous cleaning and restoration process, your gown is carefully and uniquely packaged to protect it from anything that may otherwise cause aging, wear, or yellowing.

Service Details

Our high-quality, low-cost cleaning and preservation service includes your dress being dry cleaned completely independently, with no other clothes competing for the precise equipment and settings. We dry clean wedding gowns at lower temperatures than we typically do in order to protect the delicate components. Hydrocarbon cleaning is also available if desired or required. Your gown will be returned to you in a 1’ x 3’ white-windowed box for long term preservation and display for only $500, or if you prefer to have it on a hanger for $425.

Our Guarantee

Whether your dress has hemline soil, wine stains, or just the wear and tear of the dance floor, we use very delicate and effective methods to ensure your gown is cleaned immaculately to return it to its original shape, color, and luster. If you do have visible spills or stains, timing is important, as the fibers can become embedded over time.

Whether you plan to keep your dress, sell it, or pass it along to a loved one, maintaining it’s integrity is a thoughtful and worthwhile investment. We promise that your gown will be restored and preserved with the highest possible quality and results.

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